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yogurt and apricots
Fast breakfast, Sweet breakfast

Summer yogurt and apricot frenzy

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Summer is here (no kidding) and we’re melting under the scorching sun. So, today I thought of a refreshing cold snack, loaded with sweet and sour cheekiness. Enjoy! Nutrition stats: 430kcal / 34g carbs / 27g fat/ 16g protein

Naughty sweets

Homemade almond bonbons

Now this one comes after a long long time without any new recipe posts 🙂 And for good reason, as today I am expecting guests and I wanted to try something new and sweet to serve as dessert. So check it out! PS: no nutrition info on this one as […]

Lunch munch, Pork

Slow cooked pork stew

Whenever I am in no mood to stay in the kitchen and cook, I plug in my slow cooker and leave it to cook for me. It’s usually a comfort food recipe and this time it’s a pork stew I really enjoy with polenta or fresh pasta, whichever it’s most […]